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Why should Faith Promise giving be implemented?

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  • Its methods are tried and proven by thousands of the churches.
  • It creates personal involvement concerning The Great Commission.
  • It will result in increased missions giving.
  • In most cases, general fund giving will increase.
  • God’s blessings will rest upon the local congregation.
  • It ties the church members closer to the vision of the church.


  1. Derek Cardwell (249) says:

    Hi GTN-JAX. Just to give you a heads up for editing… in the answer portion to “Why should faith promise giving be implemented?”, the phrase “Great Commission” is omitted from the sentence. Even though it appears above in the bullets, but in the paragraph answer it is omitted so that the answer ends in “The”.

    • Thanks for your input. I believe “the Great Commission” is in a different color as a link to a definition. Thanks!

    • The blue words show alternate text when rolled over or a pop up text box with a definition. Please let us know what device you are using.

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