How often do missionaries go home for a visit?

Traditionally, this was every three or four years. In modern times, missionaries typically travel home every 1-3 years. This is determined by ... Learn More »

Couldn’t short-term missions trips replace the full-time, cross-cultural missionary?

No, we need both to effectively reach the nations. Just as a child needs a father and a mother to grow strong into adulthood, new mission works need ... Learn More »

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How do missionaries educate their children on the mission field?

Some missionaries home school their children, while others send their children to an English speaking private school. Some will even go to a national ... Learn More »

How do I get field experience?

Go To Nations provides field experience through short-term trips, our 10 1/2 week field internship called, Timothy Internship Program (T.I.P), and a ... Learn More »

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