Did the Prophets talk about mission?

Yes, you will find repeated references to the nations throughout the prophetic books. In Isaiah 2:2-3, you find nations streaming to the house of the ... Learn More »

Should mission funds be spent on sending our teens on short-term missions trips?

Yes, all members of a church should go on a short-term trip. It opens your eyes to the world, the great need that is there and makes the a living ... Learn More »

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How do we prepare the congregation concerning Faith Promise Giving?

If this is a new concept to your church, you may need to educate your people of the potential and the benefits of Faith Promise Giving. This can be ... Learn More »

How was the Apostle Paul supported as a missionary?

Paul was supported by individuals and by the local churches that he spoke in. He also supplemented his income with his tent making. (Acts 18:5, ... Learn More »

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