What example do we find in the Tower of Babel?

The Tower of Babel provides a more than obvious object lesson for the missions mandate, or ‘Go and Tell’ model. The directive to Adam was to fill the ... Learn More »

Does Go To Nations have any leadership training available?

LTI - Leadership Training International is 12 modules of leadership training that is used by Go To Nations in different parts of the world for ... Learn More »

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How does someone join Go To Nations?

In order to become a missionary with GTN: Attend a 6-day training course and interviews at Go To Nations’ world headquarters Receive a ... Learn More »

What happens to all those people who never heard the Gospel?

The scripture in 2 Peter 3:9 says, “…God is not willing that any should perish.” Romans 5:17 tells us that death reigned in all men through the sin of ... Learn More »

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