How do I envision the church for missions?

Begin by gathering a core group of people, made up of church leadership, influencers, and mission enthusiasts. In an informal and intimate setting, ... Learn More »

How do I know if I should support a certain missionary?

This is a personal decision for the individual. One is usually drawn to the calling of an individual or to the work that the individual is called. ... Learn More »

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Should the church support a certain type of missionary over another type?

This will depend upon the church’s personal vision and missions program. If a local church has a focus in church planting in Africa, then most likely ... Learn More »

Should there be a screening process on who can go on a short-term trip?

It is always best to make sure each individual is ready to go on a short-term trip and a screening process is the best way to help with that. For ... Learn More »

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