Is there a way I can receive actual on-site missionary training to determine if I want to be a missionary?

Yes. Through Go To Nations’ 10 1/2 weeks field internship, the Timothy Internship Program, offered in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; Peten, Guatemala; or ... Learn More »

What if the pastor is not interested in missions?

We have three suggestions to get you started: Through Biblical Truth: According to Jesus, the whole purpose of the church is to expand the Kingdom ... Learn More »

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How do we determine who we should support with our missions funds?

The determining factor as to whether a missionary receives missionary funds will be determined by the mission committee, whom we call the Mission ... Learn More »

How do missionaries get their support?

Some of the support will come through churches, while other funds are raised by businesses or individuals. Occasionally, retired individuals will ... Learn More »

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