What materials do Go To Nations have for Spanish speaking congregations in the area of Missions?

Senda Global is the Go To Nations Spanish version that contains both Global Pathway and STEPS to the Mission Field training for assisting Spanish ... Learn More »

Who should be the speaker in the missions conference?

Having the right speaker for each service is crucial to the success of the missions conference. The speaker should: Be a motivating and ... Learn More »

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Do we find missions in the Psalms?

If you take time to read through the Psalms with the nations in mind, you might be surprised. You will find references to the earth, nations or world ... Learn More »

Isn’t missions found only in the New Testament?

No. From the beginning, God has been on a mission to reach the world. Adam, Noah, and Abraham were all told to “fill the earth”. Most of the Old ... Learn More »

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