Doesn’t God allow everyone to go to heaven if they were fairly good people?

Romans 5:12 says, “… just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin…” the Bible teaches that we are dead in our sin. Being good ... Learn More »

If I am considering becoming a missionary should I start my own 501(c)(3) ministry?

The purpose of mission sending agencies like Go To Nations, is to help lighten the load of the missionary by providing certain key services that will ... Learn More »

What do you do on a short-term trip?

Anything and everything the team is able to do, such as: Bible training, drama presentations, feeding and clothing the poor, working with victims of ... Learn More »

What is the Biblical purpose of God regarding missions?

God reveals His eternal purpose in all He says and does. He first spoke about His plan for the earth to Adam & Eve in Genesis 1:28, “…fill the earth ... Learn More »

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