Is having a Missions Sunday each month important?

Having a planned Missions Sunday each month is a key component in maintaining the momentum that you created through the annual missions conference. It ... Learn More »

Is making appeals for missionary support biblical?

Women financed the ministry of Jesus, (Luke 8:2). Paul was supported by both individuals and the church, (Acts 18:5, Philippians 4:14-16). Likewise, ... Learn More »

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What should happen on a Missions Sunday?

You do not have to devote the whole service to missions on Missions Sunday. Use 5-10 minutes to create a meaningful “Missions Moment.” The purpose of ... Learn More »

What does an average short-term trip look like?

The average STM is 7-10 days and includes a team of 4-10 people, unless the project requires more trip participants. It includes ministry to the ... Learn More »

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