What is the foundation text for missions?

The first spoken words over Adam and Eve, in Genesis 1:28, are clearly missional in intent. When God said to them, “Fill the earth and subdue it, ... Learn More »

Where will we stay during a short-term trip?

You will stay at a predetermined home, hotel, or base depending on availability in the area; always safe, clean and comfortable. ... Learn More »

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Is making appeals for missionary support biblical?

Women financed the ministry of Jesus, (Luke 8:2). Paul was supported by both individuals and the church, (Acts 18:5, Philippians 4:14-16). Likewise, ... Learn More »

How do I know if I should support a certain missionary?

This is a personal decision for the individual. One is usually drawn to the calling of an individual or to the work that the individual is called. ... Learn More »

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