Do we find Missions at Creation?

Yes, we certainly find the idea of missions in Creation. It is said of Adam and Eve in Genesis 1:26, “that they would have dominion over all the ... Learn More »

Did the Prophets talk about mission?

Yes, you will find repeated references to the nations throughout the prophetic books. In Isaiah 2:2-3, you find nations streaming to the house of the ... Learn More »

What should happen on a Missions Sunday?

You do not have to devote the whole service to missions on Missions Sunday. Use 5-10 minutes to create a meaningful “Missions Moment.” The purpose of ... Learn More »

Is every believer a missionary?

Based on the Creation Mandate and the call to ‘Go and Tell’, or to fill the earth, does that make every believer a missionary? No, it does not. While ... Learn More »

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