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What should be the main purpose for short-term trips?

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The main purpose is to spread the Gospel, while giving the body of Christ the opportunity to experience missions ministry and to give much needed support to full-time missionaries.

Short-term trips are like a turbo booster in missions ministry. Through the team, there is a concentrated group of people, giftings, energy, resources, anointing and excitement that comes together to either engage a new unreached community or help an existing work go to the next level through relief and development work or training and personal ministry.

Short-term trips give the people being ministered to a larger perspective of the Gospel and can be a great source of encouragement to the field missionary, lifting the missions work to a whole new level.


  1. How do I get involved? I want to do this. I’ve always wanted to this. I have always felt an innate responsibility to help others.

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