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Did the Prophets talk about mission?

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Yes, you will find repeated references to the nations throughout the prophetic books. In Isaiah 2:2-3, you find nations streaming to the house of the Lord. Do note that in verse 3 people are “going” and inviting others to come. It says, the “word of the Lord” has “gone out” from Jerusalem. Then in chapter 6, where Isaiah had his dramatic vision of the Lord on His throne, the discussion immediately after the prophets cleansing is, “Who will go for us? Whom shall I send?” to which Isaiah replies, “Here am I, send me.”

In Jeremiah 1:5, the prophet Jeremiah is called as a “prophet to the nations from the womb”. Daniel, taken as a captive to Babylon, served four successive kings while in a foreign nation. Read Daniel 6:25-26, where King Darius proclaims God to the nations! Joel 2:28 says, “God will pour out his Spirit on ALL PEOPLE”.

Habakkuk prophesied that, “the earth would be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord…” – Habakkuk 2:14. And Jonah was a reluctant missionary/prophet to Nineveh, the most wicked nation on earth at that time!

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