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Can’t I do missions work right here in my own town?

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There is a popular saying, that you are either a missionary or a mission field. Some say that we are all missionaries. Others have posted over the church doorway as you exit the church that, “You are now entering your mission field.”

Because of the specific, strategic and significant challenge of Global Missions, it is important to hold fast to some distinctive points. We are not all missionaries as we have answered in previous questions.

Cross cultural missions takes planning, effort, strategy and individuals, who pay a great price, to leave behind most of what they know of home and family in order to reach unreached people in some very difficult places.

If everyone were a missionary, then we would fail to recognize or honor those that give so much away to answer a unique and challenging call. We can do Evangelism, outreach and ministry right where we are – and we should! However, we still carry a responsibility for unreached nations and people. Therefore, we must do both.

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