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Why would a loving God send people to hell?

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A thorough discussion of this question requires some solid Bible study, but we know this, God is Holy and sin is not tolerated. Alone, man is a failure and can never by works or self-worth attain any measure of acceptance from a perfect Creator. So, what man could not do for his own self, God did by sending His own Son to earth as a man, to accept the penalty for sin and offer an exchanged life – His life for ours.
There is a way of escape for every man. In John 3:18 it says, “Those who have not believed in the Son of God are condemned already.” John 3:36 says, “Those that do not believe will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on them.”

Hell was not created for men, it was created for the devil and his demons (Matthew 25:41). Unless a decision is made to “change families”, our sin nature condemns us to the same fate. John 3:17 states that, “God did not send His Son into the world to condemn it, but the save the world through him.” In Romans 8:3 we see that, “He condemns NOT MEN, but SIN in man.”, it is the sin that gets judged. Christ separates us from that sin, please read Romans 10:9 – 17.

The missionary process and its bearing on those who are not told, have not heard is very clear. What if men are never told? God has done His part. He paid the ultimate price and gave His only Son as a ransom for the sins of men. He made the way. Our job is to go and tell the world. As members of the family, we each carry that responsibility. Many of us hear the Gospel weekly if not more.
There are whole nations where nearly 100% of the entire population has NEVER heard that there is a Christ, a Savior, a hope of redemption. Jesus taught that if we truly love Him, we keep his commandments. Going to all nations and telling them the good news is one of those commandments!

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