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When should a church start supporting a missionary and when should the church stop?

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Generally, a missionary cannot leave for the mission field until all their finances are raised. The only way that can be determined is when the monthly support is being received.

For the benefit of the missionary and noting the missionary’s progress in raising their support, it is preferable for the support to begin immediately. Funds are then able to accumulate towards the missionary’s moving and set-up costs. Most missionaries understand that support will end when they are no longer missionaries.

We usually recommend for a missionary to continue to receive funds 3-6 months after they move back to the states until they are settled back in and have a means of livelihood. This allows the missionary time to adjust without going into debt; something we believe would be an injustice to them after serving as a missionary. However, in an effort for the church missions committee to better understand how and where to distribute the funds, they should ask the missionaries for an annual ministry review and budget plan for the upcoming year. This will provide accountability for the missionary and the church.


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