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How do we get each department of the local church involved in the church’s missions program?

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By using a four-step departmental activation process, you can activate every area of your church for the purpose of fulfilling your missions vision. This four-step process involves four simple questions.

The Mission Advancement Team should work with each departmental head assisting them to understand the four-step process of the departmental activation form (taken from the Global Pathways workshop and CD). This will help each department head discover how to assist their department in instilling missions into the DNA of the whole church. Here is an example of the four-step process used with the Youth Department.

  • Envision – How will you instill a vision for the global harvest in the youth?
  • Mobilize – How will you mobilize the youth into The Great Commission ministry?
  • Train – How will you train the youth to be knowledgeable and effective in The Great Commission ministry?
  • Serve – How will the youth serve the missions program of the church?

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