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How do we deal with our children in becoming a missionary?

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The first church and the first government was a family. God calls families to the ministry. A husband and wife can’t leave for the field without their children, unless the children are much older and are staying back for school.

We build our Equipping Track so that you can home-school if needed, and so that your children can participate in worship, prayer and outreaches. The children are encouraged to sit in on the training, if they are old enough to understand and grasp the material being taught.

The calling is sometimes described as “whatever it takes”. “Whatever it takes” to move you to the point of running after missions is your calling.

The calling could be a Bible verse, an experience or just a knowing that you must “go.” Perhaps it is something else that motivates you to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations. While there may be obstacles to becoming a missionary, usually those that are called are the ones that will not be turned aside, but will pursue missions.

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