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How do missionaries get their support?

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Some of the support will come through churches, while other funds are raised by businesses or individuals. Occasionally, retired individuals will choose to begin their second career as a missionary; others might sell their home for a profit and want to live off of their earnings. Even when these individuals have income to live off of, we recommend that they put the majority of their retirement funds or profits into savings, just in case they have to come home earlier than planned or have a medical emergency.

Most people will not pray faithfully for a missionary unless they are writing a check to them each month. Missionaries can’t survive without prayer support, and having the Body of Christ fund their work also insures their prayer covering!


  1. Sandy McNair says:

    When is the 6 day training? Do you have to be accepted by Go to Nations as a missionary before you go through that training? My husband and I have taken the Missions School at Charis Bible College and we feel called to Eritrea. Do you have any projects there or near there? Please give us more information. My phone is 210-393-1756

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