Missions Terminology


Moving from one culture to another. In regards to the Great Commission we cross cultures in order to bring the Gospel.

Cultural Christianity

A Christian message that is distorted by the materialistic, consumer culture of the West.


An integrated system of beliefs, values, customs, and the institutions which express all of these, binding a society together as it gives the people a sense of identity, dignity, security and continuity.

Culture Shock

The sense of confusion and disorientation we face and feel experience any different way of life from our own culture due to crossing cultures by moving into another culture, this can lead to disillusionment and depression.


The process by which the character of Christ is formed in a new believer by the mentoring and encouragement of a more mature believer.


Ecclesiastical ethnocentrism. The view that the way we do things in our church or denomination is the only right way. All other churches are wrong in their ritual and beliefs where they differ from us.


Cultural narrow mindedness. The view that the way we do things in our culture is the only right way of doing things. All other ways are wrong. The tendency to “judge the behavior of a people in other cultures by the values and assumptions of our own.”


The preaching of the Gospel or the practice of relaying information about a particular set of beliefs to other with the goal of making converts.

Great Commission

The mandate to the church from Christ to go and make disciples in every nation.


Originating in and characteristic of a particular region or country; native.